Our Culture

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Our People & Culture

Victocron offers a rewarding and stimulating work environment that is structured to attract, retain and nurture talent. By working as a team, with clear shared goals and culture, supported by the right skills, training and experience, we optimise our productivity and effectiveness for client.

  • Monitor culture and staff wellbeing through initiatives such as Deloitte’s Best Company to Work For, wellness programmes and wellness days
  • Comprehensive change and culture management processes
  • Joint recruitment with clients
  • Performance management via the Employee Self Service platform
  • Compliance with Industrial Relations (IR) legislation
  • Fully-accredited training academy
  • Holistic staff development and growth


We help our clients be more competitive in the market place and add value to their business by measuring and monitoring the performance of sub service providers. We do this to ensure a right balance between savings and service quality. A dedicated Key Account Manager takes responsibility for each clients’ needs and requirements, as well as accountability for Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that are designed and pre-agreed to match each client’s specific needs.

We measure our supplier’s performance by:

  • Meeting contractual obligations
  • Generic specifications encapsulated in SLAs and building related specifications
  • Building performance management models to monitor and manage SLAs
  • Escalating issues and accountability through the Key Account Management structure


Criteria for Victocron’s performance management in terms of SLAs include:

  • Service quality
  • Response times
  • Frequency of incidents
  • Administration
  • Skills and training
  • Condition of equipment
  • Image of the company, including staff appearance and communication
  • Contribution to the image of the clients’ property


Victocron understands the importance of environmental planning and balancing of social demands with environmental sustainability. We provide clients with extensive environmental services, ranging from archaeological site inspections to comprehensive ecological assessments for major projects. Our professional environmental advice is both time efficient and cost effective.

Green buildings

Green buildings have far-reaching environmental, health, productivity and financial benefits. In response to a rapidly growing need for environmental sustainability and energy conservation, Victocron, in collaboration with Green Star SA Accredited Professionals, has formulated a comprehensive yet simple “green strategy”. It provides practical, applicable initiatives, with each action being evaluated in terms of expertise required, costs involved and benefits to the environment, the building owner and its occupants. We are able to contribute to sustainable economic objectives and environmental responsibility by assisting our clients who wish to incorporate “green clauses” into their leases.

Corporate governance

We maintain high standards of corporate governance and comply with legislative requirements in all the countries in which we operate. Our financial accounting complies with IFRS. As we strengthen our international presence, we continue to review our compliance and risk management skills, systems and processes to further enhance these capabilities.

Health and safety

We provide a healthy, safe working environment for all our staff and clients. This means adhering to the applicable regulations, and all other legislative requirements. CBRE Excellerate also manages this risk for our clients, to ensure compliance is adhered to and all risks are mitigated.

Transformation and BBBEEE

In South Africa, we are a proud Level 1 BBBEE contributor. As a responsible corporate citizen we continually strive to contribute to transformation and improve our BBBEE compliance in all seven pillars. We support various Corporate Social Investment and Enterprise Development initiatives, and always seek innovative solutions with high impact in these areas. Our structured procurement division secures services from BBBEE suppliers to meet minimum targets for the procurements of the property sector’s scorecard.


Innovation drives sustainability. Strategic innovation is the creation of growth strategies, new product categories, services or business models that change the game. At Victocron, we embrace new technology and we’re always looking for fresh and innovative ways to serve our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading trusted provider of fully integrated, self-delivered property related solutions in the South Africa, driven by quality, excellence and forward thinking.

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