Facilities Management Services South Africa

Victocron Facilities Management has a team of experienced project managers and design engineers that execute the full life-cycle of all projects pertaining to building services irrespective of size.

Victocron Facilities Management

Victocron Facilities Management has a national footprint with offices in every region, which allows the company to support its vast range of services throughout the country.

We have a 24/7/ Contact Centre.

With years of experience in delivering technical services, we have the resources to self-perform these highly skilled services across multiple disciplines. 

We offer bespoke range of services.

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Safety at Victocron

At Victocron,  safety is a core value of our service delivery and organisation – not just a performance statistic – and we continually invest in our safety culture so that our people and yours enjoy a safe working environment.

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Our Specialization

Not only will your employees be more efficient when they’re enabled by their workplace, but by keeping your building running smoothly, we’ll free up more of your time to concentrate on what you do best.

Services include:

  • Technical Services
  • Occupant Support Services
  • Specialist Support Services
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Supply Chain
  • Energy and Sustainability
  • QHSE
  • SLA Management
  • Call Centre / Help Desk

Technical Services / Maintenance Services

Victocron Facilities Management comprises a team of highly skilled engineers, technicians and artisans with a depth of experience and expertise at maintaining technical services in a built environment. Our high level of technical skills is recognised as one of our most outstanding
attributes that underpins our service delivery.

Electrical Services 24/7 Emergency

Building Fabric Maintenance

The building fabric consists of elements such as structural materials and finishes that enclose space, separating inside from outside. This includes walls, windows, doors, roofs, and floor surfaces, etc. Fabric maintenance comprises all preventative, remedial and upgrade works required for
the upkeep and improvement of buildings & their components.

Business Services

We can provide a holistic solution with a combination of some or all of the services offered. This large range of Business Services falls within a single managed contract,
which can be upsized or downsized as required and is served via a single point of contact.  Cleaning services are scheduled as a series of periodic (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) tasks. Call us for a meeting to discuss your needs, we are here for you!

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